Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 5.0 

After nearly a year, the fifth version of CLWC has finally arrived!

CLWC 5.0 – Next Preview 

It’s been a fair few months since our first preview of CLWC 5.0, and here we are with our last preview before we can finally roll it out to everyone.

CLWC 5.0 – First Preview 

The first preview of the next major release of CLWC has now been released.

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 4.0 

After many months of work (& testing), CLWC 4.0 is finally here with support for Video Live Wallpapers.

Final preview of CLWC 4.0 – we hope! 

We’ve just put up what we hope will be the final preview of CLWC 4.0 before we release it officially.

Video Live Wallpaper updates in new CLWC 4.0 preview 

Couple of weeks ago we released a preview version which included new scaling options for the Video Live Wallpaper, these did not really work too well so we’ve revamped them and made some other tweaks to the Video Live Wallpaper.