Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 5.0

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 5.0

After nearly a year, the fifth version of CLWC has finally arrived!

Last year we added Video Live Wallpapers to CLWC, and since then we've received a lot of feedback from you guys so it's now been completely re-written for better performance. And it now supports sound!

We've introduced a new scaling option called 'None'. This new option simply displays the image/video centred on the screen as is without any scaling applied to it. Any overflow is cut off.

And we've added an option to create a Launcher icon for the Live Wallpaper. This should make it easier to install/preview the Live Wallpaper on your phone by just going to the menu and tapping the icon, it will show you the Live Wallpaper and let you set it as well.


Another big thing is that going forward, all Live Wallpapers will now only run on devices that have Android KitKat (4.4) or above. This is mostly because of the Video Live Wallpaper but also that over 85% of the devices out there are now running Android KitKat (4.4) and above ( This then allows us to benefit from the new improvements made in the later versions of Android as well incorporate any new features they may have introduced.


As ever here's a complete list of changes made in CLWC 5.0:

  • Re-wrote Video Live Wallpaper for enhanced performance
  • Added new 'None' scaling option whereby scaling is turned off, so images/videos are centred on the screen, and any overflow is simply cut off
  • Added option to create a Launcher icon for the Live Wallpaper after its installed so users can easily preview the Live Wallpaper and set it
  • Added option to enable sound on Video Live Wallpaper
  • Updated Android Gradle Build plugin to version 2.2.3 to benefit from performance and stability improvements
  • Updated Gradle to version 2.14 to benefit from further performance improvements
  • Updated Android SDK to version 25.0.1 to benefit from performance and stability improvements
  • Updated Java JRE to 8.112
  • Fixed bug with Update Checker not working due to our recent move over to HTTPS
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Under-the-hood tweaks and improvements
  • All Live Wallpapers now only run on devices Android KitKat (4.4) and above


Head on over to our Download page to get the new version of CLWC. And if you are upgrading from an older version then we’d recommend you uninstall that first prior to installing this one.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

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