Exporting Live Wallpaper Source Code

CLWC allows you to export the source code of all generated Live Wallpapers which can then be imported into an IDE like Eclipse.

To do this, simply follow the short instructions below to enable this feature.

Export Source Code 1
First click on the "Settings" icon to access accessing the Settings area.
Export Source Code 2
In the Settings area, click on the "Live Wallpaper" icon in the sidebar on the left.
Export Source Code 3
Now click on the dropdown menu, next to the "Live Wallpaper Output" option. You will be presented with the following options:

  • APK File - only the compiled installable file will be exported by CLWC
  • Source code - only the source code will be exported by CLWC, the installable APK file must be built manually using alternative methods
  • APK File & Source code - both the APK file and the source code for the Live Wallpaper will be exported

If you just want to export the source code then pick option "Source code", if you want both the APK file and source code then pick option "APK File & Source code".

Export Source Code 4
Now you need to choose where you would like CLWC to save the exported source code to. You can do this by clicking on the "Select folder" button. Once you have chosen the folder, simply click "OK" to save your settings.