Custom Live Wallpaper Creator aka CLWC is a fully-feature visually-rich application which allows anyone, regardless of their technical ability to develop their very own Live Wallpapers without writing a single line of code. Choose from a multitude of highly customisable templates and create whatever you want, free of charge.

Key Features

Feature - Simple. Simple. Simple.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

We aim to make creating Live Wallpapers to be as simple as possible that's why we go to great lengths to keep things simple. When you install CLWC, you don't need to install anything else, we've got all that covered for you, so you can quickly get started. Also, when you are ready to create your very own Live Wallpaper, one small little click and that's it. The Live Wallpaper will be built for you, ready for use. Now isn't that simple?

Multiple Live Wallpapers

Be free and create the Live Wallpaper you always wanted to, and with CLWC being continuously updated, more and more Live Wallpapers are being added all the time. So there is something for everyone.

Customise All

Let your imagination run wild as all the Live Wallpapers come loaded with many customisable options, helping you to create the Live Wallpaper you always wanted.

Real-time Preview

Why have highly customisable Live Wallpapers if you can't see exactly what you are building? That is why CLWC shows you a real-time preview so you know exactly what effect each option has on your Live Wallpaper.

Feature - Real-time Preview
Feature - Build LWP

One Click Build

With one small click, your very own Live Wallpaper will be built, ready for you to install, share or sell. It's your choice.

Pure Images

No unsightly watermark is added to your Live Wallpaper ensuring it is as gorgeous as ever.

Feature - Watermark Free

It's Free

Well, what more can we say?