CLWC 5.0 - Next Preview

It's been a fair few months since our first preview of CLWC 5.0, and here we are with our last preview before we can finally roll it out to everyone.

CLWC 5.0 - First Preview

The first preview of the next major release of CLWC has now been released.

Final preview of CLWC 4.0 - we hope!

We've just put up what we hope will be the final preview of CLWC 4.0 before we release it officially.

Video Live Wallpaper updates in new CLWC 4.0 preview

Couple of weeks ago we released a preview version which included new scaling options for the Video Live Wallpaper, these did not really work too well so we've revamped them and made some other tweaks to the Video Live Wallpaper.

Updated CLWC 4.0 preview brings scaling options to Video Live Wallpaper

Since we released the first preview of CLWC 4.0 a couple of weeks ago, there has been a lot of interest with it especially the Video Live Wallpaper. So we've just put up a new preview which adds options for scaling the video.

CLWC 4.0 preview brings support for Video Live Wallpapers

CLWC 4.0 preview brings support for Video Live Wallpapers

Yes, you read that correctly. CLWC 4.0 will now let you create Video Live Wallpapers.

CLWC 3.3 preview 2: Rotate Live Wallpaper fixed

We just released CLWC 3.3 preview 2. And naturally the new orientation feature is supported by more (not all) Live Wallpapers and we've also reworked the Rotate Live Wallpaper to get rid of the ugly black background that appeared when the image rotated.

CLWC 3.3 preview: new orientation feature

We've just put up the first preview of the upcoming CLWC 3.3 which adds support for the much requested orientation feature.

Second preview of CLWC 3.2

Another preview with some bug fixes, tweaks and an improved preview panel.

First preview of CLWC 3.2

It's time to show you a preview of the second release in the 3.x series of CLWC. We have two new and improved features for you as well as two bug fixes.

CLWC 3.0 Preview 2 now available

You said, we listened. You wanted to sign the Live Wallpaper APK files with your own key? Well you can now do that. When selecting images, you wanted a preview to show you what you were selecting? Well we've added that. You wanted the ability to change the Live Wallpaper's version number? Well you can do that now. You said that the image scaling option "Fit to screen" wasn't working correctly? Well we've fixed that, we hope :).

CLWC 3.0 Preview 1 now available

Its been a while since we showed you what the new version would look like, and now its time to let you play with it, as we have just released the first preview of CLWC 3.0.

A sneak peak of CLWC 3.0

We are currently working on the third version of the awesome Custom Live Wallpaper Creator, which will have a more polished design which matches our site.

Help test CLWC version 2.2

Only a few days have gone by since we released version 2.1, and yet here we are showcasing a preview of version 2.2, which we need your help with testing before we fully release it.

We have a new site!

We have a new site!