Updated CLWC 4.0 preview brings scaling options to Video Live Wallpaper

Since we released the first preview of CLWC 4.0 a couple of weeks ago, there has been a lot of interest with it especially the Video Live Wallpaper. So we've just put up a new preview which adds options for scaling the video.

CLWC 4.0 preview - Video Live Wallpaper scaling options

The three options for video scaling are:

  • Original - this displays the video as it is without scaling it
  • Letter boxed - this scales the video down to as much of the screen as possible without distorting it
  • Stretched - this stretches the video to fill the entire screen


Here's a visual illustration of the options.

Video scaling options illustration


In addition, the Video Live Wallpaper should rotate correctly on devices where the homescreen rotates. The Nexus 5's home screen does not rotate but the one on the Nexus 7 does, and the Video Live Wallpaper does rotate correctly on there.


Please try out the new scaling options and let us know how you get on by posting comments below.

And as ever, you can download the updated preview here.

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