Video Live Wallpaper updates in new CLWC 4.0 preview

Couple of weeks ago we released a preview version which included new scaling options for the Video Live Wallpaper, these did not really work too well so we've revamped them and made some other tweaks to the Video Live Wallpaper.

The existing three scaling options have been replaced with 'Fit to screen' and 'Stretch to screen' which so far appear to work correctly, especially when the device is in portrait mode. We've also cleaned up and tweaked the code so that the video now renders a bit more smoothly than before.

On top of that, the included Android build tools have been updated to the latest version and all Live Wallpapers have been migrated over to the new Gradle build system and we've removed all code related to the old ANT build system, as we've not had any reports of build failures :)


So please give this new preview a try and leave any feedback you have below, and if you have any issues with the Video Live Wallpaper, then please let us know the following details:

  • Video resolution
  • Mobile device make and model
  • The video scaling option selected
  • Does the issue occur in portrait or landscape mode? Or both?


You can get the updated preview from here.

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