We have a new site!

We have a new site!

Our old site design from 14/01/2012 till 16/06/2013

Bye-bye old site, you have served us well but its time to move forward and to further progress CLWC.

Since we released Custom Live Wallpaper Creator last year in January, the amount of people using it has grown tremendously and so has CLWC.

From creating simple Shake Live Wallpapers, it can now create multiple Live Wallpapers (more to be added) which are all fully customisable, and it has a much richer user interface. Therefore, we felt it was necessary to give the site a complete makeover to reflect the progress we have made coming to this point, and will help CLWC reach greater heights.

We will continue providing updates for CLWC with a few new features and Live Wallpapers planned to be released over the year or so, and we also value any feedback you guys have so we can make CLWC be the best that it can be.

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