CLWC 3.0 Preview 2 now available

You said, we listened. You wanted to sign the Live Wallpaper APK files with your own key? Well you can now do that. When selecting images, you wanted a preview to show you what you were selecting? Well we've added that. You wanted the ability to change the Live Wallpaper's version number? Well you can do that now. You said that the image scaling option "Fit to screen" wasn't working correctly? Well we've fixed that, we hope :).

The two most noticeable features we've added are the adding of the custom signing key and the ability to preview images before adding them to the Live Wallpaper.

 CLWC 3.0 Custom Sign Key

We've made it nice and easy for you to set your own signing key. Simply go to "Settings > Sign Key", check the box and add in your key details, and then click "OK".
That's it, so the next time you build a Live Wallpaper, it will be signed with your key.

CLWC 3.0 Image Selector Preview

We should've done this a long time ago to be honest, it may seem like a small improvement, but it makes a huge difference. It's so much nicer to be able to view exactly what you are selecting, without having to guess what the image looks like based upon its name.

We've also made a number of other changes such as:

  • Fixed the "Fit to screen" scaling option (If this still isn't working for you, then please do let us know)
  • You can now set a version number for the Live Wallpaper
  • You can now set the "Background" option to "none" (Will simply display a black background)
  • We've redesigned the Settings dialog and split up the options
  • Fixed an issue with the Live Wallpaper failing to build if you had special characters in the description
  • Further optimised the Slideshow Live Wallpaper so it uses even less battery power
  • Many under-the-hood changes

Finally, we would love for you guys to try it out, and to let us know what you think of it.

CLWC 3.0 Preview 2 can be downloaded here

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