CLWC 5.0 - First Preview

The first preview of the next major release of CLWC has now been released.

CLWC 4.0 brought us the much-requested Video Live Wallpaper, and now with CLWC 5.0 Preview 1, we have completely re-written it. We had to re-write it as a lot of you awesome guys wanted to create your own Video Live Wallpaper without having any scaling effect on the video. Well now you can. It seems to work well so far, we hope. Not really noticed much issues with it, but hey that's why we put up a preview version of CLWC, so you guys can try it out and to let us know how you got on. Plus as a nice side-effect, the Video Live Wallpaper does appear to perform better than before.

We also rolled out this feature of being able to disable scaling to all other Live Wallpapers, just select the 'None' option for image/video scaling. And updated various things such as Gradle & Android SDK to newer versions so that you can all benefit from their performance and stability improvements.

Finally, all Live Wallpapers will now only run on devices that have Android KitKat (4.4) or above. This is mainly because of the Video Live Wallpaper but also that over 85% of the devices out there are now running Android KitKat (4.4) and above (, plus this then allows us to benefit from the new improvements made in the later versions of Android as well incorporate any new features they may have introduced.

So head on over to our Download page, to try out the next version of CLWC. And please leave us feedback below so that we can make CLWC to be the most awesome Live Wallpaper creator out there.

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