CLWC 5.0 - Next Preview

It's been a fair few months since our first preview of CLWC 5.0, and here we are with our last preview before we can finally roll it out to everyone.

Though we only announced the first preview, we did update the preview build every now and then with new features, fixes and changes, mostly based upon your feedback - so thanks for that. We didn't write up a blog post to announce those changes, so we'll do that now.

We had two highly requested features which you guys wanted so here you go:

  • You now have the option to specify whether a Launcher icon is added when the Live Wallpaper is created - a highly requested feature
  • Live Wallpaper has sound! - another highly requested feature


And here are some other tweaks we've made just to keep things ticking over:

  • Updated Android Gradle Build plugin, Gradle version and Android SDK to benefit from performance improvements
  • Updated Java JRE
  • Fixed a bug with the update checker not working with our recent move to HTTPS
  • Some minor UI tweaks here and there


Moving on, we've had a couple of reports recently with CLWC not being able to build Live Wallpapers, and installing Java seems to have fixed the issue for those users. We've made some tweaks to how CLWC detects if Java exists on the system, and if not found, it will use the one bundled in. We hope this tweak fixes the issue. Let us know if it doesn't and we'll go back to the drawing board on this.

As ever, you can get the preview version here.


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