CLWC 4.0 preview brings support for Video Live Wallpapers

CLWC 4.0 preview brings support for Video Live Wallpapers

Yes, you read that correctly. CLWC 4.0 will now let you create Video Live Wallpapers.

Many of you have reached out to us asking for this, whether that's on Facebook, leaving comments on this site or by email (by far the most popular option) so we've decided to put out a preview version of the next CLWC release. This preview is somewhat experimental (more on this later) but at least you will be able to create a Video Live Wallpaper using an MP4 file. So please give it a go and let us know how you get on with the Live Wallpaper. The Video Live Wallpaper included in the preview is somewhat basic, as you can only set a video for now. Support for options such as sound, rotation, scaling, etc will be added in the final release (which if we're honest, is many months away).


So going back to why we consider this preview to be experimental is because the build process for the Video Live Wallpaper is completely different to the one used by the other Live Wallpapers. As developing software for Android has moved away from using technologies such as ANT to Gradle, now is probably a good time to update CLWC to support that and to drop ANT as maintaining two build systems is not maintainable especially as ANT will probably get phased out over time (IMHO). So for now, we've just put in an experimental build process to support Gradle (only used by the Video Live Wallpaper) with the aim of moving over all the other Live Wallpapers to use this new build system.


Anyway, that's enough tech talk for now so if you want to try out CLWC 4.0, then head on over to our Download page to get it, and please do leave any feedback you have below.


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