A sneak peak of CLWC 3.0

We are currently working on the third version of the awesome Custom Live Wallpaper Creator, which will have a more polished design which matches our site.

One of the things that bugged us with version 2 was that it was mainly focused on adding features, so we let the overall design of it slip. Now, we intend to fix it with this (please note, that this is still incomplete).

CLWC 3.0 Sneak Preview

In addition to making it look nicer, we also plan to make it multi-lingual. We currently haven't made a decision on which languages to support yet, but we will do once we get closer to releasing it.

Also, we also plan to add a few more customisable options to the Live Wallpapers, as requested by our users. Speaking of requests, we get a lot of requests in regards to adding support for integrating ads into the Live Wallpapers, we currently have no plans on including this feature in this version, however you are free to export the source code of the Live Wallpaper and integrate it yourself (We cannot provide any technical support on this, as we have no experience on doing it ourselves).

Finally, if you have any comments on the design or want to request a feature you would like us to add to the next version, then please do let us know below.

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