Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 4.0

After many months of work (& testing), CLWC 4.0 is finally here with support for Video Live Wallpapers.

The biggest focus in CLWC 4.0 was adding support for Video Live Wallpapers (which was something that a lot of people wanted) and reworking the Live Wallpaper build system so we use Gradle instead of ANT.

A lot of testing has gone into this (& thanks to everyone who helped!) and we hope that the new build system is far more reliable than the one before. One thing to note about this new build system is that when you run it for the first time, it will download the Gradle system along with its dependencies which will be around 40-50MB. This is a one-off download so the first Live Wallpaper you build will take longer than usual, but after that they should be pretty quick. We decided against bundling the Gradle build system with CLWC as not only does it make the install file a lot bigger but it is a one-off download so once you’ve done the initial download, after that you won’t have to download it again.

So here’s a list of changes made in CLWC 4.0 (list may be small but these are pretty big changes :)):

  • Add support for Video Live Wallpaper
  • Replace previous ANT build system with a Gradle based one
  • Update Android SDK to the latest version


As ever, the new version can be found on our Download page. And if you are upgrading from an older version then we’d recommend you to uninstall that first prior to installing this one.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

17 comment(s) on “Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 4.0

  • thank u clwc team the final version is great

  • Great work. Its an amazing piece of software. Thanks!

  • when u realease an icon pack maker..

    • That’s never been something I ever considered doing, to be honest I don’t even know what an icon pack maker is 🙂

  • hi first of all thank u so much for this great software but it still have some probelms in scaling when i creat video wallpaper its perfect in rotate screen but on streight screen its not clear video can u plz fix this one thanks

    • Currently working on CLWC 4.1 which will introduce a ‘no scaling’ option so that image/video will be shown as they are, centered on the screen.

  • Gonna start our wallpaper empire this weekend!

    Have you considered making a settings screen so end users can change settings such as transition types, choose images to show, transition speeds, motion speed, etc – maybe a link to an about us section, link to a website, etc?

    Thanks for a great piece of software!

    • I’ve made a note of this for future reference. Initially I didn’t want a settings screen in order to keep the Live Wallpaper simple but I guess its probably worth adding in at some point.

  • Would you please consider adding a “Fill Screen” option for video and image live wallpapers?

    What the “Fill Screen” option would do is resize an image or video to fill the entire screen of the device, regardless of the device size, without distorting the actual image or video.

    If the image/video is too wide, your software would normally put letter boxes up top. If the images/videos are too tall, it would show letter boxes on the sides.

    “Fill Screen” option would exand the images/videos so their is no letter boxing, no distortion, but would cut off the edges that are too long or too tall.

    Hope that makes sense!!

    This feature would make our live wallpapers much more desirable, as who likes distorted images / videos, right?

    Thanks for considering!!

  • plz fix video scaling thanx

    • A new ‘no scaling’ option will be added, which will just display the image/video as is, centered on the screen. Work is still on going.

  • plz make a new version with fix scaling issue and monitization

    • A new ‘no scaling’ option will be added, which will just display the image/video as is, centered on the screen. Work is still on going.

  • waiting for new version to fix the scaling issue

    • A new ‘no scaling’ option will be added, which will just display the image/video as is, centered on the screen. Work is still on going.

  • I love your app a lot

    Keep it up.


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