Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1

You said, we listened. This update now allows you to export the source code of the Live Wallpaper.

In addition to letting you export the source code, the following changes have been made:

  • The application is now able to check for updates automatically on start-up to ensure you are always using the latest and greatest version
  • A settings dialog has been added to allow you to configure the directory for storing the Live Wallpaper source code and to toggle the ability to check for updates on start-up
  • The check for updates dialog has undergone a significant change and is much more streamlined than before
  • The phone preview now displays a simple black background instead of the previous image placeholder
  • The image placeholder has been redesigned
  • Fixed an issue with the Live Wallpaper name being rejected if it was not a single word
  • Internal data structure has been reorganised
  • All references to have been changed to the new site,

Here are some screenshots of the new version.

The settings dialog allows you to choose whether you want to build the Live Wallpaper, export the source code or do both. Also, you can choose whether the CLWC should automatically check for updates.


The redesigned update checker dialog will now ask you if you would like to update and will then direct you to the download page.

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