Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 2.2

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 2.2

Ever wanted to create your very own Matrix Live Wallpaper? Well, now you can with CLWC 2.2.

CLWC Version 2.2 - Matrix Design Screen Preview

In CLWC 2.2, not only can you create your very own Matrix Live Wallpaper with your own text and choice of font colour, we have also made the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue with APK installation utility not installing APK files (we accidentally introduced this bug in version 2.1, sorry :()
  • Performance improvements - less RAM is consumed when building Live Wallpapers
  • Updated Android SDK to the latest version
  • Updated ANT library to the latest version
  • Java JDK/JRE is no longer a prerequisite, the internally bundled JDK/JRE is now used
  • Removed unneeded Live Wallpaper template files
  • Redesigned the About dialog which now displays social media links to Facebook and Google+, also it shows you if any updates are available
  • The Check for Updates option has been removed from the menu as it has now been merged with the new About dialog

So why not head on over to our Download page and get your hands on the latest version.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to everyone who tested version 2.2 and provided us with excellent feedback.

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