Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 3.2

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 3.2

More options! We've listened to you and have added more options to help you better customise the Live Wallpapers.

First and foremost, you can now alter the speed of the Animated GIF Live Wallpaper, so you can speed it up or slow it down.

CLWC 3.2 - Animated GIF LWP Render Options

The first option determines how often a frame is drawn on screen, for example if set to 1000 (in milliseconds), it will draw a frame every second. If set to 0, it will draw as fast as possible (depends on how powerful your phone is).

The second option determines which frame to draw. As the GIF is treated as a video clip internally therefore it has a duration so setting this to 100 means that the frame at intervals, 0, 100, 200, 300, 400 … up until the end of the clip is rendered.

So just play around with these options until you are happy with the outcome.


Secondly, you can now also alter the speed of the Matrix Live Wallpaper, so make it faster or slower, it's up to you.

CLWC 3.2 Preview 2 - Change Matrix Animation Speed


So after fulfilling those two requests, we also improved CLWC visually and squashed a few bugs here and there.

One of the most noticeable changes is the new phone preview, which is bigger than before so you can truly see how your Live Wallpaper will look on your phone.

CLWC 3.2 Preview 2 - Reworked Preview

We've also improved the Live Wallpaper installer tool, so you can now install multiple Live Wallpapers (or any APK file) at once. We've updated its UI to match CLWC's 3.0 design.

CLWC 3.2 Preview 1 - APK Installation


Finally, here are the bugs we've squashed:

  • Fixed bug where the Signing Key icon was incorrectly labelled as "LWP"
  • Fixed bug where certain non-English characters would cause the Live Wallpapers to fail to build (thank you марина for informing us of this)
  • Fixed bug where CLWC would let you create a Live Wallpaper without specifying its name
  • Fixed bug with Animated GIF Live Wallpaper background options not working (thank you eric for reporting this)
  • Fixed bug with certain letters such as 'p' and 'y' getting cut-off during the Matrix Live Wallpaper animation


As ever, the new version can be found on our Download page.


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