Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 1.0

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 1.0

The very first version of Custom Live Wallpaper Creator has been released today!

No longer will developing Live Wallpapers require you to know how to write code, with CLWC, anyone can create their own Live Wallpaper without writing a single line of code

Here are some screenshots

The "Begin" screen displays a welcome message and the prerequisites

The “Begin” screen displays a welcome message and the prerequisites


The "Select" screen is used to configure and create the Live Wallpaper

The “Select” screen is used to configure and create the Live Wallpaper

Visit our Download page to get CLWC.

15 comment(s) on “Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 1.0

  • Thanks a lot.
    But i have a problem.
    I builded my Wallpaper, and it creates APK perfectly, but when i select it on my device “HTC desire HD” the wallpaper is’t animate it is just a still image, and i put 54.
    Only i can see the first frame.

    • Hi yeladies, I’m not sure why its not working on your phone. Try creating a new wallpaper with 3 images, and then try shaking the phone, as the image should change.

  • Is this open source

  • Hello there is 2 probleme.

    1 – i can’t import more than 20 pictures

    2 – when i export the animate screen and i play it in android it’s just a picture no animation …

    what’s up ?

    (sorry fo my english)

    • Hi greg, thank you for you valuable feedback. I’ll take a look at issue #1 and will try and get it fixed for version 1.2. For issue #2, I don’t think android allows GIF animations to be displayed on screen, I’ll take a much deeper look into this.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for this software, I downloaded and tried to install it but it kept telling me Java Runtime Environment not found. I know for certain that I have JDK installed because I have Android SDK and Eclipse installed on my system and JRE is a requirement to install those. I also clicked the link you provided for the JDK, I downloaded and installed but I still get the same error.

    Could you please tell me what the error could be.


    • Hi VVSTolu, apologies for the late reply, try installing the newer version (v 1.1), as I have fixed this issue. Let me know whether it works for you or not?

  • I am impress… this is awesome :) now i have my first custom wallpaper :) but can u make images change without shking like animation :)
    (sorry for my english)

  • can u do so u place in pictures and then the program puts together all the picture to a moving frame (just like a gif)?

    • Hi Filip, yes you can do this with the new version I’m currently working on. You can download a it here. It will let you do what you want with making a slideshow with your pictures, or you could just create a live wallpaper from your GIF file. The new version lets you do all of this and more.

  • Sorry i know your busy guy/girl and your app rules but why not add a settings feature for user to select their own preferred time/pictures

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